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Plastic and Paper Pints

The Reddest Tory likes nothing better then sipping a decent pint of real ale in a proper old fashioned country pub. Nothing warms the cockles of his heart more then slowly supping a pint of Golden Glory over some traditional pub grub in the company of close friends. Chuck in some pork scratchings and scampi fries and the day could not be more perfect

It has been brought to The Reddest Tory’s attention, thanks to his daily unsound perusal of the BBC website, that The Times ran a story this week highlighting that the average pint glass has a life span of only 3 months. The Reddest Tory assumes this average has been lowered significantly in the wake of the disturbances around Upton Park this week………More amusingly however, it seems some bod has collected statistics suggesting 87,000 people get injured by glassware. Now The Reddest Tory makes the assumption most of these injuries are relatively minor and that very few people end up being glassed or suffering anything serious. However, it would seem some people with far too much time to kill (The Home Office) have launched an investigation to see if a safer replacement for the traditional pint glass can be found. In a classic example of political nonsense speak (where do they get these bloody researchers from)., some junior Home Office Minister I have never heard of called Alan Campbell informs us……

“Innovative design has played an important role in driving down overall crime. This project will see those same skills applied to the dangerous and costly issue of alcohol-related crime and I am confident it will lead to similar success.

You can feel safe in the knowladge the best lads for the job are on the case.  The Reddest Tory understand the Home Office’s Design and Technology Alliance Against Crime team have got the matter in hand………

All The Reddest Tory wants to know is does innovative design mean plastic and paper cups are being actively considered as replacements for the traditional pint glass? For there is nothing worse then being forced to drink out of a bright orange plastic pint glass just somebody has deemed glassware unsafe for visiting Millwall or U2 fans (about comparable I reckon). The Reddest Tory thinks this nonsense idea should be scrapped before another penny is wasted on researchers even considering it. The public will never see the traditional pint glass go to the wall, so there is no point in even thinking about it……


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