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Freakin Sweet!

The Reddest Tory has spent the last few days either snowed under at work or visiting old CF/Conservative Party friends over in the Cymru…Hence the lack of politics. However, one story has caught The Reddest Tory’s eye.

Whilst the likes of Iain Dale are banging on about the Mandleson interview for the Today programme, The Reddest Tory has been busy consuming the real big story of the day. Provided by the BBC, it seems Peter Griffin is standing for election in Northern Island!

Yep; Family Guy’s favourite son is attempting to secure a position as a Cllr in County Tyrone for the Ulster Unionist Party. The man himself, who seems to be going by the name of Ross Hussey, has produced a poster emblazed with the image of Griffin which he hopes his party will approve. The context, rather predictably, is improving yoof engagement with politics.

A slow news day at Auntie then? I hope Paxman is made to cover this one on Newsnight. That would make The Reddest Tory’s day


Bloggers Backslap

Its that time of year again when the political bloggersphere puts previous political, philosophical and personal differences aside to come together for what can only be described as one big back slapping exercise. Yep; its the Total Politics Blogging awards with Iain Dale once again acting as The Master of Ceremonies. Our favourtie blogging royal (the Queen to Guido’s King 🙂 has been peppering his website of late with lists of the best blogs in there respective genre. Today was the turn of the category which most interests The Reddest Tory; The 100 best conservative bloggers.

The Reddest Tory was not surprised to see the the King and Queen of blogging, alongside the boys over at ConHome once again dominating the list. He was however pleased to see the fantastic Harry Cole/Tory Bear, the wonderful Tim Roll-Pickering and the idiosyncratic Damon Lord all finishing well inside the list. As far as the Reddest Tory is concerned, these websites are what blogging is all about and its good to see the likes of Damon in particular, one of The Reddest Tory’s closest muckers, can attract enough votes to be placed on the same list as media giants Dale and Staines.

Congratulations to all who made the list…And here’s hoping The Reddest Tory (whose blog was set up too late for consideration this year) can join you on there in 2010.

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