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Freakin Sweet!

The Reddest Tory has spent the last few days either snowed under at work or visiting old CF/Conservative Party friends over in the Cymru…Hence the lack of politics. However, one story has caught The Reddest Tory’s eye.

Whilst the likes of Iain Dale are banging on about the Mandleson interview for the Today programme, The Reddest Tory has been busy consuming the real big story of the day. Provided by the BBC, it seems Peter Griffin is standing for election in Northern Island!

Yep; Family Guy’s favourite son is attempting to secure a position as a Cllr in County Tyrone for the Ulster Unionist Party. The man himself, who seems to be going by the name of Ross Hussey, has produced a poster emblazed with the image of Griffin which he hopes his party will approve. The context, rather predictably, is improving yoof engagement with politics.

A slow news day at Auntie then? I hope Paxman is made to cover this one on Newsnight. That would make The Reddest Tory’s day


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