Speaking of Griffin……..

Interesting artice from the Beebl. The Reddest Tory notices that Nick Griffin MEP, leader of the British National Party, has indicated the BNP are auctioning 2 signed Andy McNab books with the intention of donating the proceeds to Help for Heroes.

From the Beeb



“Help for Heroes is a strictly non-political charity, we are only concerned with providing direct, practical support for our wounded servicemen and women,” the charity said in a statement.

”We accept donations from all who wish to join us in providing that support and we make grants that will benefit all who are injured in the service of our country, regardless of colour or creed.”


All very fluffy and NewLabourspeak. I am fairly confident however that I am not the only one who is disgusted by this development. I am also fairly certain that I will not be alone in refusing to make any future donations to Help for Heroes as a result of them taking money from fascists.

Nothing heroic about that.  Please reconsider.



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