Cheeky Monkey

The Reddest Tory will confess to being a fan of Alex Hilton’s on-line exploits. Recess Monkey was always one of the better Labour blogs out there and LabourHome, in my humble assessment, has a quality that remains distinctly absent from the forever tainted Labourlist. As for Guido and The Monkey…well, we shall put that one down to experience shall we lads!

Those of you who have been around the bloggerspere a while may recall Mr Hilton got himself in a spot of bother by declaring on Recess Monkey, incorrectly, that Thatcher had snuffed it. Mr Hilton was well and truly done up like a kipper. In addition to being hoaxed himself, Mr Hilton is no stranger to hoaxing others and, if The Reddest Tory remembers correctly, he claimed a small part (it was a Tory who did the deed mind) in the Carla Jones episode that had the bloggersphere all in a spin a little while back.

It would seem Mr Hilton has been up to his old tricks again. A few days ago, Chris Grayling made the outrageous assertion that somebody as dull as himself would ever watch anything like The Wire. He claimed, having spent a night with the plod down in Moss Side (you want to try living there mate as The Reddest Tory had to for 9 months) that parts of this country now resemble the scenes of Baltimore portrayed in the aforementioned American drama. Seizing his moment, Mr Hilton seems to have created a spoof Mayor of Baltimore website and issued a statement on it expressing dismay that a senior British politician could ever make such comments. Despite the obvious clues suggesting this was a not particularly well hidden hoax (the copyright was in the name of Mr R. Monkee Esq), the left wing bloggersphere and socialist mainstream media did not let this get in their way of kicking the Tories for apparently dropping a PR clanger.

Mr Hilton has since claimed responsibility on LabourHome, leaving many in the left wing media with faces redder then their politics. Naturally, Guido and Iain Dale have lapped up the story, leading to the kind of predictable backlash from the likes of Liberal Conspiracy that smacks of annoyance at failing to spot the hoax in the first place.

Of of which goes to show that hoaxes in politics are horrendously funny…unless you fall victim to them and therefore inevitably have a sense of humour failure. This particular one also serves to demonstrate just how widespread churnalism is in some of our major national news outlets. Its not however the funniest political hoax The Reddest Tory is aware of. That honour falls to a bunch of CF activists, who decided one day to create a fictional facebook profile for an imaginary member of parliament to see if the politically ambitious would join anything……..Regrettably, but somewhat predictably, the profile soon had a decent network of friends, many of whom took the trouble to wish the fictional candidate all the best……………….



1 Response to “Cheeky Monkey”

  1. 1 Robert
    August 29, 2009 at 11:31 am

    Just goes to show a hoax is more important then the Truth you could say.

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